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Beisaku - Detail Beisaku

In the Japanese writing of the title, "Beisaku", the first Kanji or character alone means either America or rice, but together with the second character is read rice growing. The glass panels are slumped or bent with heat over molds taken from actual rice stalks and are assembled on the wall in the general shape of the Japanese Islands.

There is some duplication or cloning of rice stalks, but also a fair amount of biodiversity in the piece. The panels are set at different distances from the wall to cast different styles of shadows, from very crisp, to extremely soft and subtle. In some cases the shadow is more prominent than the glass playing tricks with the mind as to what is more real, the object or it's image. The large group of rectangular panels, for me, also brings to mind the vast swaths of US land that has been converted from small farms into huge monocultures by the farm bill. The title is a fortuitous and ironic play on words.

Photography by Hans-Jurgen Bergmann